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A data-driven solution

Finix collects and analyzes candidates' work experience, competencies, strengths, work styles and skills based on available data such as resume, recruiters notes, testing,....

These data-driven insights form the candidate's profile that is used during the matching process.

Save time and gain speed

Based on AI technology, Finix Match searches your database of candidates within seconds. Find the most relevant candidates for a vacancy quickly and efficiently


Broaden your view

Finix Match looks beyond traditional matching based on keywords. In addition to hard skills, soft skills, potential career path, ambitions,... are taken into account.

This way you match your candidates for the right reason.

Access to market data

Finix provides unique, data-driven insights in a rapidly changing job market. We obtain this know-how by both storing historical recruiting data and aggregating insights based on large sets of data.


Fast start

Up and running within days, not months. Finix is just as easy to use.

Integration first

Finix connects with every datasource/ATS

Continious innovation

Just as a phoenix rises from its ashes, we keep our finger on the pulse of technology and turn it into a solution that helps you move forward.

Our team



Co-founder of Finix with a strong focus on the business aspect.



Co-founder of Finix and responsible for the technical aspect.


Data engineer

Data mastermind pulling the data-driven piece of Finix.

What our customers experience

"We had the honor as a test office to closely follow Finix's growth from their early days to where they are today. Each update is accompanied by more features. Today, we experience Finix as a high-performing program for making the match between a job and a candidate."

Tania Plets

CEO - Rock Recruitment

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